Today’s Adventure: MONSTER JAM!

Well….actually it was yesterday’s adventure now (we were so tired when we got home). We went to Monster Jam and had a fantastic time! I’d never been to one and it was quite the ground shaking afternoon!

We had a chance to attend the pit party too which got us up close and personal to the drivers (who were all super nice and down to earth).


We also (of course) had to stay after so we could get autographs. First timer tip: Go buy a Monster Jam flag BEFORE the pit party and have the drivers sign that. It’s still cool to get autographs after though because then you get to see the winner on their throne!

Speaking of winners, our winner was the world famous Gravedigger!

This was such an amazing event for our family! Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait for next year. Tickets go on sale in September and we’ll definitely be snagging ours as soon as we can so we can get some awesome seats!

If they’re coming to your town make sure you check it out!


Proper Adventure Gear


What does every girl need when she’s starting over, starting fresh and looking for new adventures? She needs the right outfit of course! I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the past year but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for this jacket (and anything else Katie K has to offer)!


I have this very one and since the day I got it it’s been an essential part of my wardrobe! It’s comfy, durable, keeps you warm and has those cute little thumb hole thingys.

Normally I’m not a real bright color kinda girl but I couldn’t resist when I saw this little gem. It’s just as gorgeous in real life too. It’s versatile as all heck. I wear mine while trekking around in the hills and often wear it to work.

Wanna know where you can get yours???head on over and place an order with my friends at Katie K and snag one. They’re on sale right now and would look fantastic paired with some of the fun new prints they’ve got! I’ll even get you a little discount…..use the coupon code NEWLIFE15 and see what happens 😉

Now, don’t think that I’m just endorsing them because I’m an ambassador.  I love these clothes and will be getting more out of my own pocket book soon as I start getting a little more active again. I’ve also got a couple of other Katie K items that I’ll be posting about tonight. Seriously……the most comfy, cute and versatile pants you’ll ever see……stay tuned!


Hi there.

I’ve been a blogger for years, I’ve been a mother for years and I was in a mentally abusive and emotionally devastating “relationship” (I wouldn’t really call it that) for years.

Because of the latter,  I had to abruptly stop my somewhat successful blog and go into hiding.  I’ve moved,  changed jobs and will keep identifying info to myself.  I hate to do this, but for the safety of myself and my family it’s something I have to do.

I’m still going to have alot of cool content and fun things to share. I’ve got some super cool new affiliates I’m working with and will be sharing those soon! I’ve got some delicious recipes coming up and will be busting my booty to get this blog rolling smoothly by the end of this month. (Fingers crossed I get it all done!)

It’s hard (and fun) starting over and basically having a brand new life but I can guarantee you I’ll share my adventures along the way! There’s alot already to share and a whole coming up!

Please stay tuned and share in my new life adventures!