Not your typical St Patrick’s day!

Tonight I’m proud to say our dear sonny boy passed his Hunter Safety course with flying colors!  Our adventure over the last year has taken us a long way and we’ve all gone through alot of changes.


Tonight we’re ALL still fighting the cooties but I’m hoping we’ll be a little more healthy this weekend so I can get caught up!

Have a fantastic night and a safe St Patrick’s Day!


A not so fun adventure…

Man oh man. Last weekend we had some fantastic adventures (that I have YET to post). However, I caught some super nasty, horrible, terribly annoying flu bug that knocked me out of commission for most of the week. Then of course it was topped off with a migraine. Oy vey. This week I’ll be frantically working to get caught up. I saw some amazing products and vendors and the sportsman’s expo we attended and I have SO much to share! I’ve also found some really cool products I’m hoping to work with soon… stay tuned. More adventures are coming soon!