I’ll stop procrastinating…..next weekend

It never fails that I put EVERYTHING off until Sunday (I’ve had 4 days off in a row) and then wake up feeling like poop Sunday morning. I’m going to continue telling myself it’s just a coincidence that I have multiple symptoms at once because I really don’t have time to be sick. The mom chores never go away and I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Oh lord give me strength (and a suddenly super mega immune system).

One more cup of coffee should help,  right?!

I have got to stop procrastinating so much!  (That’s a battle for another day)


Here I come again…..

Well long story short…..technical issues and pure unadulterated laziness have been my excuses for month and months. New year and new goals have me jumping back into my blog and sharing so many awesome adventures! Hang on kids….this is going to be a FUN year!