Tonight’s Adventure: OMG! I GREW THAT!!!

It finally happened!!! We had a salad that was all fresh picked from our crazy little garden!


I don’t even remember what types of lettuce we had….regular ol’ leaf lettuce, butter crunch and something with spots. We picked a little spinach and chopped off some celery as well.

I don’t know if it was the freshness of something picked just moments before you eat it or the satisfaction of knowing we grew this ourselves but this was one dang great salad! I can’t wait until we have some tomatoes and carrots to toss in too!

We’ve been on some great exploring adventures lately and I’ll get those all posted soon! This weekend we’re going to an expo all about gold panning so I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of fun things to share¬† after that! We’re hoping to see some of the Gold Rush guys!


Gardening: The rewarding & frustrating adventure!

Yep, I totally rock the crocs in the garden!

I haven’t had the ability to grow a garden since I was a kid. Sure, I tried the trendy patio garden a few times but my old apartment was so shaded all I was doing was creating a sprout crop for the birds and a few acrobatic squirrels.

Fast forward to this year.  We went CRAZY with the seed supply. We started everything early in our little indoor greenhouse and they were growing like nobody’s business. Then we got a little overzealous and started trying to garden them. We lost quite a few but many did last and quite a few have come back.

We're totally going to play Hee-Haw when these babies are full grown!

We’re sure learning a lot (which I’ll be sharing as I get my blog posts scheduled regularly). I now understand why organic goodies are so pricey! It’s kind of a pain in the rear end! Needless to say….yeah
…we’re not organic!

What’s your latest adventure? Have any garden advice? I’d love to hear from you!