Lots of Adventures…… (and more snow than I care to acknowledge)

My hanging planter after one (of many) snowstorms

I love snow…a little at a time…..

There’s nothing in nature that can make everything more peaceful and beautiful than a fresh blanket of pure white snow.  This winter, however, has made me use more profane adjectives when talking about snow than I ever imagined.


I live in the part of the country that has been inundated this winter with snowstorm after snowstorm.

Up to my knees (and we still got more)

We’re at the point now that well over a hundred buildings have fallen down in surrounding communities and the  snow is all dirty and disgusting to look at.  It’s starting to melt and the flood concerns are ramping up.  Animals are looking for food and places to sleep

A little minor flooding
Antelope that were blocking the road

Now……the forecast is…..more snow.  For the love of all things sunny and 75° make it stop! Please send us warm and happy thoughts.  We really need to start getting the garden goodies prepped. I’m glad I decided on a lot of container planting this year!  I don’t expect to see a full thaw until…….July? (That’s a joke,  I hope)

Coming soon….I take my life on a low carb/keto adventure (and I have perks for my friends! )


Our most recent (and ucky) adventure: walking pneumonia


Today is the first day our little guy was fully functional at school again. After a few weeks of being sick off and on (with what we thought were various ailments) we took him to the Dr to find out he had walking pneumonia. That was two weeks ago. He was out of school for a week and completely miserable. Last week there was a little residual tummy upset but now…..F I N A L L Y……I think he’s nearly 100% better! Woohoo!

Now, with a fairly healthy kid I never even considered that he could have walking pneumonia. I thought it was weird that he was catching every single cold that was going around though. Once we talked to the Dr I  realized that all of those colds were most likely ALL part of his pneumonia. He’d get a little better but still have a weakened immune system and run himself back down again.

I also learned that (at least in the Western states) the season for pneumonia is lasting alot longer and people are catching it later than usual.

One of the things people don’t realize is that walking pneumonia is HIGHLY contagious! It’s spread through prolonged exposure to an infected person. So most likely our kiddo caught at school and quite possibly spread it to others as well.

Live and learn….but next time I sure won’t wait as long to take him to the Dr!

Have you managed to skate past the cold/flu/pneumonia season?